Self-directed Learning

Own pace

With South Africa's diverse groups and education experience, people are all at different levels of English proficiency.  This impacts on the pace of learning when a group is being developed in one classroom.  Clearly, it is also a mammoth task to give one-on-one instruction.  English Word Power develops the individual learner at his/her own pace.

Own place

Learning can take place on the job, in a learning centre, or even at home.  It is also an ideal distance-learning tool.

Own performance goals

Learners take control of the learning process by assessing their own learning.  Performance goals can be set for timing, and for the desired level of performance. Results are logged onto a Progress Report.


When all assessments have been mastered, the programme prints a validation certificate.  This enhances the learner’s marketability.

Learner Management

The Network versions have a built-in Management System.  The Administrator or coach can set up desired reports, as well as monitor individual learner’s progress.