Learning Process


The Learning Path is only released once the learner has completed the "Before English Word Power" assessment.  This assessment cannot be repeated.  It remains as a benchmark to compare with the final assessment.


The process is simple.  The learner reads a rule, and then practises that rule.  If incorrect, the learner is immediately shown the correct answer.  This, together with built-in repetition, helps the learner to retain the learning.

Checking Progress

Once a rule and its exercises have been completed, learners immediately monitor their progress.  The percentage shown gives immediate feedback and helps the learner decide whether to re-learn a rule, or whether to progress to the next exercise.  It also provides an opportunity for the learner to research weak areas before progressing further.  


Assessments are built in at regular intervals. These are completed progressively.  The certificate only prints once all assessments have been completed within each module.

The Progress Report lists each assessment completed, its performance percentage, the number of attempts made, as well as how long the last attempt took.  This is valuable for the learner, and for an Administrator in a coaching environment.