Two Learning Modules

To write and speak English with grammatical integrity you need;

  • Correct use of twelve English tenses.
  • Correct word usage and order.
  • Dramatically improved comprehension when reading English.
  • Ability to make an informed choice with spell- and grammar-check programmes.
  • Improved writing skills.

Learning the 12 English tenses can be frustrating.  English has so many pitfalls for second language learners.  Besides changes to the verb when presenting plurals, words that sound alike but are spelt differently  can also be challenging.  Added to this are those frustrating possessives and hyphenations. 

The list is endless – but here are a few examples:

  • Is it brake or break?
  • Is it their, or there?
  • More than one foot is feet; yet more than one boot isn’t beet!
  • And when do I use ‘that’ instead of  ‘which’?
  • Is it: it’s volume control, or it is its volume control?
  • I was not happy.  Yet -  If I were a rich man!
  • There is an up-to-date record.  Yet  - The news is up to date  . . .
  • I was not available? Or I had not been available at the time?

To overcome this frustration English Word Power has two modules.  The first module covers all these pitfalls – and more.  The second module focuses on sentence structure in all the tenses, starting with the easiest tense first, with many more critical language issues.


To ease the confusion of learning tenses as well as changes to verbs and word usage, the learner first gets to grip with the basics.


This module teaches the tenses, as well as sentence structure. The tenses are also presented with the easiest tense first, with more complex tenses later.